Sunday, November 20, 2011

This story begs for a smart-ass comment from me

Mexico to cull 50,000 wild boars from US invasion

Mexican officials have unveiled plans to slaughter some 50,000 wild boars that have crossed the border from the United States and now threaten agriculture in Mexico.
The Ministry of Environment in Chihauha state said some 1,500 hectares (3,700 acres) of farmland in the border town of Ojinaga have been affected by the large number of feral pigs that have come from Presidio County, Texas.
"We must get rid of these European wild boars because they sleep overnight on US soil during the day and cross over to the Mexican side to feed," Ignacio Legarreta, a state official, told local media.
The boars of European origin, which were imported to Texas as pets and then replicated in the wild, have caused serious damage to the flora and fauna of the area, officials said.
"They have reproduced to reach more than 50,000 animals that threaten the area," said Legarreta.
The authorities intend to use cages with food inside to trap the animals.
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Maybe we should cull 500,000 illegals from the invasion from the mexican side of the border. We can bait 'em with lawnmowers......

Okay, I got it out of the way.
Brought over as pets? Didn't Coronado bring a shitload of pigs over with him from Europe when he came over? I bet it's pretty likely he inadvertantly left a couple here and there while he was wandering around. And other than a few flaky Kalifornians, I don't know of anybody that keeps livestock as pets. Maybe the Texans had pigs that they kept for food that escaped, ya think?

It seems to me I was reading on one of the Right Wing/Terrorist/TEA Party blogs, maybe it was on one of my predator blogs, that Texas was coming under fire because they wanted to do some serious hog culling because of hogs coming from south of the border.
What's the big deal about where they're coming from? Pigs are pigs, man. They don't know or care about borders. Just invite a shitload of out-of-state hunters, ask the ranchers to waive the hunting fees they normally charge for a few months and have a hog shoot.

Thanks, Thomas.


drjim said...

Wikipedia claims De Soto brought the first ones over.
'Bait em with lawnmowers'.....CLASSIC!

wirecutter said...

De Soto, Garcia, Coronado, Espinoza, whatever.....

Skip said...

Hey, I'm in.
Hogs, wetbacks, same same.

Anonymous said...

You are all WRONG!!
It's George Bush's fault
Paul in Texas

rgranger said...

Speaking of the borders, I find it someone quizzical that I have to provided ID to buy Zertec-D because of the government, but they seem happy to allow armed Humvees and blackhawks fly drugs in from mexico...

Weaver said...

I had planned on spending a few weeks this Deer season with my Dad in Arkansas until finances got fubar. One of the reasons for going was to load up on wild pigs. The Fish and Game in Arkansas don't even care if you pick them up, they just want as many culled as possible. The wild hogs are destroying acres of crops all over the eastern/southern states. Once I get things work around maybe we can get you out to Phoenix and ride out to Ark with me for a couple weeks. I'll even loan ya a non Ca legal 308 to use.


Skip said...

I wish I could afford the night scope gear it takes.
Fuckers are like Some People we know, sleep all day and tear the hood up all night.

Craig S. Miller said...

They are not "Wild" hogs, they are "Undocumented.