Friday, November 25, 2011

This'll make ya feel all warm and fuzzy and medikated inside...

Not Photoshopped: Beam of Light Shines on Fallen Soldier’s Miracle Dog
Reported by ABC News’ Kimberly Launier:

It was an overcast day in Newport, N.H., when a simple “20/20″ shoot turned into something that made me wonder about life after death.
I was filming soldier Justin Rollin’s parents Skip and Rhonda playing with their dog Hero, whose rescue from the Iraq War zone where Justin died was nothing short of a miracle.
Sometimes when Rhonda hugged Hero she would softly pet her face and coo, “Justin, are you in there?” It was Rhonda’s gentle way of remembering their son and his last living connection to Hero. At one point, Hero wandered off and took a stroll in the backyard. All of a sudden, the clouds broke and a light began to solidify in a beam directly down on Hero — a kind of vertical halo.
As this dramatic ray of light was shining on Hero she turned to look at me, and it was all I could do to hold the camera steady and not drop it in astonishment. It was an unforgettable moment, and made me wonder if in fact Justin was in there. Then the light vanished.
I couldn’t wait to check my camera’s playback to see if it caught the stunning beam. When I saw that it did, I was so happy that I burst out dancing. It was a great moment to share with Justin’s parents. We all laughed together, and wondered if perhaps this had been a sign from Justin.

Watch the full story Friday on “20/20″ at 10 p.m. ET and read more about Hero and Justin here.

- ABC News


Snakebite said...

As a photographer, pro or otherwise, this is a sad thing to see. I hope that most of you folks will see the simple fact that it's a refraction of the camera lens, and nothing in the photo.

It's a nice thought, but woefully misguided.
Regards to anyone who really thought this was a miracle.


wirecutter said...

Damn, now I got to get that warm fuzzy medikated feeling the old fashioned way.

Bob said...

I lost my faith in God as an adult, but sometimes you just have to wonder. And hope.

dhann59 said...

Yeah Wirecutter, it does do something to you inside that just comes over you and you can't do a thing about it...your heart cluches up, can't take a full breath for a moment, eyes mist up. Then when it passes a bit later you feel different, calm and just a little tiny bit of peace occupies you for a while. It's called your soul Kenny, and yes, you still got one.