Friday, November 18, 2011

Whoa, I'm skeered. All freaked out, you know?

Just a quick warning, then a suggestion: Turn the volume DOWN - the tunes suck. And this is best watched after a sixpack or a fattie.
You're gonna laugh your asses off. I don't what was funnier, all those "elite commandos" creeping across that field trying to look like a shrub, or that fucker hanging that mortar round on the end of the muzzle at the 4:40 mark.

(WaPo) — It’s not exactly Seal Team 6 rehearsing the raid on Abbottabad, but a video released by the Haqqani network offers a window onto what is purported to be one of the militant group’s training camps.
The network is considered the most dangerous insurgent force fighting U.S. troops in eastern Afghanistan, launching attacks from its base in Pakistan’s tribal areas. U.S. officials have long suspected the group gets support from Pakistan’s intelligence agency.
It is rare to get a glimpse of the network’s operations.
Judging by the newly released footage, the camps are anything but state of the art. The video shows several dozen militants wearing helmets and green masks making their way through a rudimentary obstacle course.
They scamper across a makeshift ladder. They take turns leaping over a campfire-sized flame. They slip off the seat of a motorcycle to squeeze a few rounds from an AK-47. They study maneuvers drawn on a white-board with marker.
In one sequence, the fledgling fighters wrap themselves in branches, looking like a formation of shrubs, as they practice camouflaged approaches across a dusty field.
The video, which was released by the Site Intelligence Group, makes clear that the Haqqanis’ facilities and equipment are basic at best. But the network’s potency has always had far more to do with its lethal determination and ability to blend into the Pashtu population than with any high-tech training or gear.
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claymore said...

Just look at the "high quality" footwear conglomeration on these assholes. Probably their very first pair of shoes in their lives. Somebody dumped a pile on the floor and the fight was on for the white tactical sneakers.

Daryl said...

If you are so proud of what you are doing, you don't wear a face mask. Also catch the live rounds at the fire pit, jump you pussies, jump.

Erinyes said...

48 second mark. What the fuck is that, the Mickey Mouse Club march???

alcade said...

I hope no one from the Brady Campaign views this video - if they fight how they train we don't need to worry about owning semiautomatics. A slingshot should do the trick.