Monday, December 12, 2011

But this is just a peaceful assembly protected under the Bill of Rights, right guys?

Well, that's one way to gain support from the population - threaten their wages, prevent groceries and goods from getting to their tables, homes and workplaces and misbehaving in general.


Port Shutdown Puts Sacramento Truckers Out Of Work
SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Occupy Wall Street protesters have managed to at least partially shut down some of the West Coast’s busiest ports in the hopes they will cut into the corporations that run the docks. However, more than one hundred truckers in Sacramento say they are the ones being hurt.
The entire fleet at Devine Intermodal in West Sacramento is parked, leaving 120 drivers out of work, at least for the day.
Normally the drivers would be making two daily roundtrips to the Port of Oakland to pick up or deliver cargo.
The truckers are furious. If they don’t drive, they don’t get paid.
“Yeah, we’re all gonna lose about $600 today. That’s big money for this economy,” said trucker Dwayne Forcell.
A dispatcher with the Devine Intermodal visited the port this morning before making the call not to send the trucks. The one day of lost wages could make a big difference with profit margins in the industry so small.
Truckers say if Occupiers are trying to go after the so-called one-percent, they’re going about it the wrong way.
“If you gonna occupy something, go occupy the federal government. Go occupy the people that got the money,” trucker Anthony Green Sr. “I don’t have no money. I’m trying to make that money.”
If the port shutdown continues, truckers predict prices for electronics and food could increase at stores with merchandise delivery delayed.
Tomorrow, the trucking company plans to send a few scouts to the Port of Oakland before deciding whether to send their drivers.
Sacramento CBS Local

Occupy Protesters Have Blocked Access to Three West-Coast Ports
Protesters who said they wanted to shut down ports along the West Coast Monday appear to be getting traction in Oakland, Portland, and Long Beach, where they've blocked access roads and stopped trucks from making deliveries. The Port of Oakland has reportedly closed, The Guardian reports in its live blog, while Long Beach protesters are facing down police as they refuse to move from an intersection, the Los Angeles Times reports. Portland, too, has protesters massing at the entrances to its port, where they blocked trucks from entering and apparently disrupted the port's operation for the day. On the East Coast, meanwhile, police have reportedly started arresting Occupy Wall Street protesters who targeted Goldman Sachs in what they're calling a "squidding" demonstration.

The protests on the West Coast got started before dawn, when the San Francisco Chronicle reports demonstrators marched to the port to block the roads leading in:
A group of roughly 100 marchers were met by a line of police in riot gear near the intersection of Seventh Street and Middle HarborRoad. Protesters began marching in a circle, preventing trucks from getting through. At least one demonstrator had set up a tent in the intersection.
One trucker, clearly frustrated, blew his air horn and tried to drive through the crowd.
The trucker's frustration seems to mirror that of the International Longshore Workers Union, which did not sanction Monday's port actions. The ILWU said the protests would do harm to its members, costing them a day's pay, according to the Chronicle. But The Guardian reports that protesters say they're acting in support of the ILWU.

In New York, meanwhile, police have reportedly arrested several protesters at the Goldman Sachs action, confiscating live-streaming video equipment, according to NewYorkist on Twitter. One of those arrested, Brooklyn writer John Knefel, estimated 17 people had been arrested so far.
Yahoo News


ParaPacem said...

So the limp dick cops just stand there waving their weenies rather than bother the powerful, menacing OWSers? And the truck drivers are also too cowardly and impotent to clear a path to get to their jobs? WTF has happened here???

ddiddly said...

I'm not a big fan of organized labor, but I totally sympathize when one group of fuckheads stands in the way of someone making an honest living. Longshoremen and truckers move product to get paid so it just got personal with them. Nothing would make me happier than to see some pipe-hittin motherfuckers descend on this occupy crowd like the plague. I'm betting the roads would open up like Moses and the Red Sea.

Grumpyunk said...

Yep. What ddiddly said. It's not like Longshoreman and Truckers don't know how to work a crowd.

Skip said...

I 'member not so long ago when the longshoremen went on strike and beat the shit out of any trucker that tried to cross.
Fuck all of 'em, both sides.

Toaster 802 said...

Red on red violence. Outstanding.

Time for popcorn and a laugh track.

The Other Mike in Brazil said...

Wanna bet the truckers are unionized? Watching the parasites feed on each other is great ;-)