Saturday, December 03, 2011

The cable guy is here! The cable guy is here!

After a year without TV service I (Miss Lisa) decided that with the specials they've been offering we can actually save money on our AT&T bill by having satellite TV hooked back up.
I'm still not sure I understand her sense of reasoning here - installing the cable makes the price the price of the internet go way down when it's bundled - but hey! I've been without Predator Quest for almost a year now.
And it'll be nice to be able to catch my Right Wing terrorist news without having to stay online all day.


Anonymous said...

Lets go get to calling. LOL Great show

Tattoo Jim said...

After 37 years of marriage... trust me on this one, you will NEVER understand their reasoning... EVER!

rpm2day said...

What Jim said. But I'm only married 30yrs last Monday, so what do I know?