Thursday, December 01, 2011

Hippie abuse and my sitemeter

Ever since I gassed that hippie, my hits went way up from a little over 20,000 a month to just under 65,000 last month - 64,706 to be exact, most of that 64 Large all within one week. My daily hits leveled off double to what they were, averaging about 1800 a day.
This puts a great weight upon my shoulders. Now I feel like I need to do something else outrageous to keep you good folks entertained and my hits up but I gotta tell ya, hippie gassing is pretty fucking hard to beat, even for me. I mean, that was pretty much a once in a lifetime drill, ya know?
The trick is to keep it legal only if b-a-r-e-l-y so because bail money is gone forever and attorneys are, well, attorneys. Shit, I barely make the bills now at my day job and blogging doesn't even bring in enough to keep me in ammo, so anything arrestable is pretty much out. Plus I'd want to post it for y'all. That really puts a limit on things, if you know what I mean.
So bear with me, get used to the old Knuckledraggin, and hang in there. Something will pop up soon, it always does. Sigh.


PISSED said...

Drop CGD off at the Whitehouse.. hehehehe

wirecutter said...

Good God no. He hates bla.... yeah, that might work.

PISSED said...


rpm2day said...

You were gassing hippies before gassing them was cool!

Stretch said...

How 'bout shooting some 'yotes in front of PETA supporters?
Or mailing their pelts to PETA headquarters as a "fund raiser?"