Thursday, December 01, 2011

Judge Napolitano on SB 1867


Erinyes said...

Whew...well, thanks to Obama we can't afford to have more than seven days worth of food in the house at a time! Of course, the other criteria negates that...

Sammy said...

Who the hell is drafting this insanity?????

IMO this makes them enemies of the people who gave them their jobs.

As I understand it, the Mormon faith recommends having a YEAR of food put up! Are mormons, then, terrorists according to the criteria in this bill????

The fed needs an enema, folks. Hopefully soon there'll be sign in front of the White House saying, "Under New Management".

If I got hired for a job and ended up being a danger to my employers, I'd expect to be fired in the very least. I thought that using political power to undermine the Constitution was considered treason. It's certainly got to be a crime against The People.

Can someone tell me what makes the drafters of this bill LESS of a threat to the american people than the terrorists that concern them so, considering their being of the mindset that this actually makes sense, not to mention their total disregard or at best, ignorance of The Constitution?

I'll probably wind up on some kind of list for what I've said here but I just can't believe that what I'm witnessing is NOT an excerpt from some disaster novel.

May God help us all.

dhanna59 said...

Dude, did you just wake up from a delusionary coma? Christians(including Mormons) do not have the legal discretion to do anything but submit to sharia. Did you know that all mOOOOslims are totally exempt from OBAMACARE and do not have to pay, but are covered completely by the taxpayer at no expense! You however, will have to pay your premiums or will have to pay a penalty and then get no coverage at all!!! vote obama!!!