Saturday, December 31, 2011

Just sayin

(Fox News) — Some members of the Occupy Wall Street group in Charlotte, N.C., are under fire for setting American flags ablaze, but one of the protesters is defending his incendiary actions.
“Those were actions taken on my behalf,” Occupy Charlotte member Alex Tyler said at a camp meeting, according to a Charlotte Observer report. “I did it to display my utter contempt for American greed, not (the military).”


I got news for you, son.
That flag does not represent neither greed nor the military.
It represents Freedom from oppression which you claim to want.
It represents Freedom from tyranny which you claim to want.
It represents Liberty which you claim to want.
You burn the very symbol that represents everything you claim you want instead of rallying around it and then you wonder why you don't have my support?
Go suck eggs, boy.

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