Saturday, December 24, 2011

My world is now complete

I opened up my locker at work and found a bag full of Christmas goodies from Woody and his lovely wife, Daryn.
Prowling through it real quick I saw gifts for me and Lisa and CGD, some goodies and what's this? a bag of chocolate chip cookies? Cool! I put everything back, slammed my locker shut and braced myself for a fucked up day.

When I got off, I ran back up and grabbed the bag, then remembered the chocolate chip cookies. Might as well grab a couple for the road, so I started munching on one right away. Chocolate chip and ..... NO FUCKING WAY.....bacon cookies?
Are you fucking kidding me? Chocolate chip and bacon cookies..... Oh. Dear. God.
Just a hint of praline bacon baked into some already excellent chocolate chip cookies.
Thank you, Woody and Daryn, and get the spare bedroom ready. We're moving in.