Saturday, December 24, 2011

My world is now complete

I opened up my locker at work and found a bag full of Christmas goodies from Woody and his lovely wife, Daryn.
Prowling through it real quick I saw gifts for me and Lisa and CGD, some goodies and what's this? a bag of chocolate chip cookies? Cool! I put everything back, slammed my locker shut and braced myself for a fucked up day.

When I got off, I ran back up and grabbed the bag, then remembered the chocolate chip cookies. Might as well grab a couple for the road, so I started munching on one right away. Chocolate chip and ..... NO FUCKING WAY.....bacon cookies?
Are you fucking kidding me? Chocolate chip and bacon cookies..... Oh. Dear. God.
Just a hint of praline bacon baked into some already excellent chocolate chip cookies.
Thank you, Woody and Daryn, and get the spare bedroom ready. We're moving in.


Snakebite said...

A woman at my salt mine offered Maple Bacon cookies to the few in attendance yesterday. A semi-hard waffle flavored cookie, smothered in Maple syrup frosting, sprinkled with crispy bacon chunks. SWEET!

The only thing missing was the coffee, orange juice, and a couple of eggs. I need to talk to her about that recipe experiment!

And who the hell forgot to tell the fireworks maniacs on the other side of the bay that this is not the night not do that. It limits reindeer navigation and confuses Santa.

Warrior Knitter said...

Do you think she and then you would share the recipe here?