Monday, December 05, 2011

Mystery company buying up U.S. gun manufacturers

Saw this over at The Feral Irishman today. For the full article, clink on the link to the Chronicle at the bottom

Mystery company buying up U.S. gun manufacturers
Lined up in a gun rack beneath mounted deer heads is a Bushmaster Carbon 15, a matte-black semiautomatic rifle that looks as if it belongs to a SWAT team. On another rack rests a Teflon-coated Prairie Panther from DPMS Firearms, a supplier to the U.S. Border Patrol and security agencies in Iraq. On a third is a Remington 750 Woodsmaster, a popular hunting rifle.
The variety of rifles and shotguns on sale here at Cabela's, the national sporting goods chain, is a testament to America's enduring gun culture. But, to a surprising degree, it is also a testament to something else: Wall Street deal-making.
In recent years, many top-selling brands - including the 195-year-old Remington Arms, as well as Bushmaster Firearms and DPMS, leading makers of military-style semiautomatics - have quietly passed into the hands of a single private company. It is called the Freedom Group - and it is the most powerful and mysterious force in the U.S. commercial gun industry today.
Never heard of it?
You're not alone. Even within gun circles, the Freedom Group is something of an enigma. Its rise has been so swift that it has become the subject of wild speculation and grassy-knoll conspiracy theories. In the realm of consumer rifles and shotguns - long guns, in the trade - it is unrivaled in its size and reach. By its own count, the Freedom Group sold 1.2 million long guns and 2.6 billion rounds of ammunition in the 12 months ended March 2010, the most recent year for which figures are publicly available.
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Stinkwilly said...

I heard soros was trying to buy all the ammo mfg companys but this don't look like his hands are
in it. Ya never know though, there's some kind of shit going on that's for sure.

drjim said...

Here's a bit more about them:

And their parent company, Cerberus Capital Management:

Dirty Al the Infidel said...

The NRA has said that there's nothin' to see here, so move along.
Engima,yes, Legit(?), HMMM, We'll see!

rikdergis said...

Don't seem to be anything to it: