Saturday, December 31, 2011

Oh. My. God.

I've always liked the concept of Col. Coopers' Scout Rifle - a design that he believed a scout would carry. Short barrelled for ease of use, lightweight, iron sights but able to accept a low power scope and bolt action for the ability to reliably put accurate rounds on target.
And now Ruger has this - The Gunsite Scout Rifle.

A bolt action magazine fed rifle in 308 Winchester, coming in at 7 pounds. OAL is only 39.5" with a barrel length of 16.5" and best of all, it's available in left handed actions for lefties and right handed freaks like me that shoot left handed.
You couldn't ask for a better company than Ruger to produce this weapon. They build some rugged-ass firearms. And look at it - this fucker is just plain purty.
Go to Ruger's website at for all the details.

Go here to GUNBLAST for a good review of the weapon.
Thanks to cw swanson for kicking down the link.