Monday, December 12, 2011

We just flock to you for your sage wisdom regarding politics

She is a staunch Democrat known for her political activism, if not her amazing figure and acting career.
But Jane Fonda didn't hold back during a CNN interview on Friday after she asked about her opinion of the Republican presidential candidates.
The 73-year-old, who starred in Barbarella and Coming Home, was asked by Piers Morgan to comment on the intellectual capacity of the GOP candidates.
She replied: 'They all scare me frankly. I get depressed and scared when I look at the Republican debates.

'I'm worried about anybody getting elected to office who says we have to do away with or privatise social security, we have to reduce medical health insurance, we have to not raise taxes.
'And, oh, there's no problem with the environment, this is all made up by the left, the scientists don't really know what they're talking about - this worries me.'
The Hollywood star also spoke of her hopes that President Barack Obama would be reelected for a second term.

She told CNN: 'I wish that he would be stronger. I think he will be in his second term.'I think he's going to be reelected. I think he's a good man, but I wish that he was tougher on the issues that I care about and that a lot of people care about.'
Article from Daily Mail


May you rot in hell.


drjim said...

Amen, buddy, AMEN!

Blue said...

"May you rot in Hell"


Amen. Amen.

kerrcarto said...

and have hot coals shoved up your cunt.

Just had to add that.

ParaPacem said...

- from every Vet of the Nam era, I have a message for you, bitch:
Eat Shit and Die you filthy, worm-ridden, syph dripping skank.

FEL said...

Im a Vietnam vet, and I hope I live long enough to read that this slut died.

Skip said...

What Para said.

MauserMedic said...

All this from a woman who owes everything she has to a capitalist system that allowed her to collect money from millions of workers, who paid to watch her films and videos, not to mention marrying multimillionaire Ted Turner. Must be nice to completely divorce your political philosophy from how you actually live.

Stretch said...

While she and the other Commies were applauding one another (giving each other the clap?) my Dad was getting shelled in The Delta.
I shall vote for the first candidate that promises to press treason charges against her.

drjim said...

MauserMedic nailed it!
She's just another rich, liberal "Do as I say..." cunt.

Toaster 802 said...

Just deserts.

Stinkwilly said...

fonda! fonda what? fonda getting gang fucked by the north vietnamese??
She's a sleaze bag bitch that needs to be drowned in a septic tank that's clear full of solids.
I gotta quit here before i really get started.

ParaPacem said...

thumbs up for stinkwilly & everyone else.

Old Nam Vet said...

I was in Viet Nam about the same time she was. The picture of her sitting on that AAA piece was on the front page of The Stars and Stripes.
The outrage was palpable among all of us. If we had had the ability to locate her and fix her position, she'd have become a grease spot ASAP.

40 years later I still detest the commie traitor bitch!

Brock Townsend said...

Jim Webb said "I wouldn't walk across the street to see her slash her wrists." I would, if she didn't have a razor.......