Sunday, December 04, 2011

Time to update

Well, the temps have dropped to the lower 30s here at night with colder temps to follow - time to update the Git Kit.
Poncho liner out, more calories and thermals in, more extra socks, sub-zero sleeping bag (I'd rather unzip than be cold) strapped to the bottom of the pack in a waterproof bag, tent and parka alongside for a quick grab.
Winter hunting/shooting gloves, a can of waterproofing for touch-ups, and an extra can of fuel. Extra stocking caps. Handwarmer and fuel.
And if I have room somewhere I'll grab the dirty bedsheet behind the frontseat of the truck in case I get hung up somewhere that winter camo is needed.


rpm2day said...

I think I got this tip from Bowhunter mag years ago. Take an old bike inner tube, cut it into one inch pieces. Supposed to be a great fire starter or signal fire because of the smoke. Haven't tried it yet, but I still keep a ziploc full with a couple Bic lighters in my pack.

wirecutter said...

I carry magnesium for a fire starter and for smoke I've got a shitload of smoke, you can find it here: