Saturday, December 31, 2011

Warrants? They don't need no steenking warrants......

Saturday, The Obamessiah signed the bill that allows the police and military to detain or kill American citizens who he (and he alone) decides is a terrorist or a threat. We'll never know what exactly the charges are, what the evidence is, no trial date, nothing...... If he doesn't agree with your actions, they can lock you up or kill you.  Are you stockpiling food, guns, ammo, and/or precious metals? Missing, whereabouts unknown. Your critical words against the current regime in a public forum? Disappeared, never returned home from work.
The shit's coming.      

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Kerodin said...

2012 will be ugly.

With the Oval Office at stake, I think the Bad People are going to push us all into action.

But, until it happens: Happy New Year to you, Lisa & CGD.