Friday, December 16, 2011

Yeah. What he said.

[Front Page Magazine]: What don’t you like about contemporary America?

[Leon Weinstein]: I don’t like borders that are open to illegal immigrants, smugglers and terrorists. I don’t like educational institutions that have no competition and can’t fire or stimulate teachers, and stagnating because of that. I don’t like tenure in Universities. I don’t like Unions that force jobs out of the country. I don’t like minimum wages. I don’t like that Congress can take away any share of the money we, productive citizens earn, and imprison us if we don’t pay. I don’t like growing debt and inability of our government to slow this process down. I don’t like the fact that those who receive entitlements can vote and eventually will vote us into a socialist country. I don’t like politicians that want to fundamentally change this best country in the world …. I just started. Do you want me to continue?
~ Leon Weinstein, the author of the new book, Capitalism 101.



CharlieDelta said...

"I don’t like the fact that those who receive entitlements can vote..."

Until this changes, we might as well kiss our collective asses goodbye, because the number of fucks receiving entitlements is only going to get worse.

Nothing else is going to change until the leeches can no longer vote themselves raises every gotdamn election!

Mulligan said...

sounds like my new religion