Friday, January 13, 2012

From the emails

Been readin your blog for...quite awhile man...Love it!

MOOCHEL is a Bitch. Here's a picture of her comin off Air Force 1, from about 3 years ago. Research it. Since the day I saw this piicture, I've callled her "Slobette". WHEN has the "First Lady of America"...EVER come off Air Force one....Lookin like THIS????

Oh, Right....she's "NOW proud of America". She's a Bitch, and Barry is a Marxist.

Yeah, yeah...I'll join your blog....
Just wanted ya to see this might have missed it.

Swamp Rat


Naw, I caught it when it was making the rounds and it gags me as much now as it did then.
Now this is the woman that spends hundreds of dollars on her t-shirts, yet climbs off Air Force One looking like she's a fucking bum.


oneofthethree said...

sad sad sad

Chris said...

Well,they've done a fine fucking job of "ghetto-izing" OUR govt and turning it on it's head.


Cheesy said...

I dress better'n that to do yard work.

Stinkwilly said...

What do ya mean Ken "looking like a fucking bum"???........
She IS a fucking bum and so's her
mack daddy!! They both are fucking bums and always will be.
I apologize to all the respectable AMERICAN bums.

Blue said...

representing Amerika...