Friday, January 06, 2012

I hate to bust your bubble.....

.....but he's a fucking sissydog.
Here I went and made a nice post about his gift and when me and Miss Lisa were playing cards I looked down and saw CharlieGodammit gnawing on one of his regular rawhides, with that big-ass bone laying directly behind him.
I figured it would be about a 3 day bone, but he's going to have to play some serious catch-up to get that done, even he starts on it when he finishes this one in about an hour.
It'll probably be one of those trips to where that bone lays around the house underfoot for about a week and then one day we'll look up and see CharlieGodammit just finishing it off, licking his chops and burping and farting.
Kinda sorta like what happened to the cat.