Friday, January 27, 2012

I KNEW IT!!!!!

The media has trotted out Newt Gingrich’s ex. They trotted out an alleged mistress of Herman Cain. Why are they so silent about Barack Husein Obama’s ex?

How cute they look! Is Obama’s ex still alive?
Update: Here’s a video of Larry Sinclair describing his fling with Obama back in 1999.


I had heard allegations like this a year or so ago. A radio station had about a 10 minute commentary on Obama's possible history as a male prostitute and I posted it, but I'm too lazy to look it up for y'all.
But I always have been curious as to why NONE of the Obamessiah's ex girlfriends have ever surfaced with tales to tell about liking to be whopped with live cats or about what a wonderful person he was.
No wonder Mooch is such a bitch. She's just a cover story and she knows it.
Thanks to Stu for the link.


And this was sent in by Swamp Rat.

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