Monday, January 09, 2012

A monster wolf

From an email that Josh sent me:

I found your blog via the GOC with your hippie gassing post and have read daily ever since. By reading I know you like this kind of shit. CD (my blog brother) sent me this one, and I figured you would like it.

This may interest you. I talked [not me] with this young lady yesterday afternoon. This is what she told me. She had been bow hunting using a cow call near Headquarters, Idaho. She changed her position and was crossing an open meadow when the wolf appeared at the edge. It saw her and the wind was blowing directly from her to the wolf. She raised her arms and waved them to catch it's attention and it came straight for her. The bow was dropped and the S&W M-29 .44 Magnum was deployed. She made the first shot at about 10 feet, hitting it above the left eye. It dropped and changed direction, trying to get away after the shot. She shot it again in the lungs, then a third time in the neck. It took two men to lift it into the pick-up.
She's a tall women, about 5' 11" and pretty tough. She hunts bear and cougar with hounds - her own hounds! Her husband is a long range shooter and is adept at making 600 plus yard-shots. The lady, however, is the one who busts' the brush with bow or rifle. The wolf's size comes into perspective when you compare her size to it.
Another report received this week arrived from Tim Johnson of Fishhawk Guides in Clarkston. [the fellow who donates fishing trips to our Elmer Keith Shoots each year.] He reports: "One of my Idaho Outfitter friends hunted a group of out-of-state elk with archery hunters from the Great Lakes region last week and they called in a pack of 17 wolves by cow calling.
None of the hunters had a sidearm or wolf tag and it was a very traumatic experience as the wolves surrounded them! All hunters went home early very disturbed... encountering these wolves was very different from the Great Lakes wolves, as they claimed "these Idaho wolves actually hunt you, and are not afraid!" Outdoor adventures have definitely taken on new dimensions of excitement.
I've got some more pictures of these monster wolves sent to me by OrbitUp that I'll post within the next day or so.


Rich T said...

That is some crazy shit.

That wolf is huge.

Brian in Florida said...

Holy Smokes! Looks like a new Area Rug!

Walter Zoomie said...

That thing is prehistoric!

I would have used a biological weapon against that motherfucker, because I would have sprayed it with shit as I evacuated my bowels!

Oswald Bastable said...

It's a bloody Warg!

dhanna59 said...

Just in time for that new movie comin out about wolf survival. "The Grey". Find the trailer for it. Shiver me timbers that is one big bastard! I gotta get a bigger pistol, that took three shots from a .44 fer chrissakes!

rpm2day said...

I would put gps shock collers on a bunch of those bad boys, male and female so they could reproduce, build an electric fence 1/2 mile into U.S., turn them loose and let them police the borders. End of illegal immigration problem within one year or less. They jump the fence, they get taken down. Wolves are smart, they'll get it.

Skip said...

First shot at 10 feet!
I bet she needed new drawers...I know I would have.

Anonymous said...