Thursday, January 19, 2012

Next time get a bigger dog

DETROIT (WWJ)- A dog in the Clinton Township area was the victim of a deadly coyote attack this past week.
A pack of coyotes are reportedly to blame in an attack that killed Julie Wickwares’ Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Duffy. Wickwares let her dog out at six in the morning last week and a few minutes later saw her dogs bloodied body.
“Within ten minutes I went out to see where he was and I found him in the backyard,” Wickwares said. “I saw the coyote about 20 feet away.”
She rushed her dog to the veterinarian, but Duffy died of a broken neck.
Wickware says her daughter is devastated and her grandchildren are scared as well.
“My 5 year-old grandson won’t even go outside without two adults next to him,” Wickware said. “He’s afraid they’re gonna get him.”
Wickware is warning her neighbors to keep an eye on their pets and not leave them outside alone.
Another persons cat in the area is missing as well. Coyotes see cats as prey, but the experts say they don’t usually attack dogs unless it’s an offensive attack.
The Department of Natural Resources says coyotes are known to fear people. According to the DNR’s website, the coyote population is on the rise.
Coyotes are also in the middle of breeding season which runs now through March.
For more information about coyotes and how to prevent attacks, visit
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So what the fuck do folks from Detroit know about coyotes?
They usually don't attack dogs unless it's an offensive attack? Of course it's an offensive attack - all attacks are offensive, even if you were on the defense originally.
And I got news for them city folks. Coyotes kill dogs for food too. They eat everything from carrion to cowshit - do they honestly think they'll draw the line at dogs for some dumbass reason?


Anonymous said...

I'll miss the city folk when TSTF and they all die off. But what can you expect from people who learned everything they know about nature from Disney (bears are your friends, wolves will attack you on sight), and Steve Irwin (crocodiles and sting rays are safe to play with) and all about survival from Bear Grylls (I need to get down 60 feet to the valley so I'll jump off this bluff and grab a tree limb on the way down). Their beliefs are completely detached from reality, no wonder they voted for Obama.

sourmashed said...

Having dealt with coyotes in ok,tex,az and now rural s. ark i find the best options are 270 at distance 12 guage 00 if closer and .45 or 9mm when I take take dogs out. by the way my female pit golden ret. cross goes about 100 lbs and the shepherd cross bitch goes about 60. they (coyetes) dont seem to come here. ps. i agree 100% with your comment rules. so:rick homan (my momma gave me that!

Deb said...

"Coyotes see cats as prey..."

Me too.

drjim said...

Typical urban dumb fucks!

Dwayne Chandler said...

Clinton Township ain't Detroit.
It's a semi-rual suburb.
Other than that, rock on with your blog.
I must say, I do like it.

Most sincerely, a black man that loves seeing ignorant niggers made light of.

wirecutter said...

Yeah, I'll make fun of anybody, Dwayne. That might be the reason nobody tells me about family reunions anymore, huh?
Thanks for clearing that up for me, though.

Skip said...

When I lived in Sandy Eggo fuckin' yotes would pull avocados from the trees. Sumbitches will eat anything.
Kinda like a land shark.

dhanna59 said...

I grew up on big farm and it's like this. Dogs come and dogs go. cats, cows, hogs, horses, chickens, whatever. They are all just livestock. If you can't get over giving an animal artificial human emotional attachment, there is something WRONG with you. Yeah, I like my beagle Patch. Would I kill, skin and eat him? You bet your ass I would if it came down to it, so would you.

Zilla/MJ said...

I saw a big coyote here in the bumfuck swamps of new York State the other day when Iw as walking my dogs shortly before the sun came up. Luckily, my little dog (it was my parents' dog) had gone the other way on my property so wasn't near him but my big dog saw him and surprisingly didn't seem to give much of a fuck which is weird since he goes nuts over everything. My dog just watched the coyote who saw us too but just continued on about his business and walked slowly back towards the woods. My dog is about 70 lbs and this coyote looked bigger than my dog. I thought maybe it was a wolf but hubby says there are none in these parts. I have heard there are coy-dogs around here too, dog/coyote crossbreeds and that they aren't afraid of people.
I get nervous when the little dog wanders off and don't let my cat out when it's dark out. The kids never go out without a grown up because you just never know what the heck is around here. I heard some weird shit coming from the woods yesterday before dawn. Animal planet was up here recently doing a bigfoot show because there have been sightings here, but I don't think Mrs. Obama has been to this area.