Monday, January 09, 2012

Obama's Militarization on the Homefront

In July 2008, presidential candidate Barack Obama vowed to create a “civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded” as the U.S. military.
Apparently no one else in the national press found that promise newsworthy, because I was the first to call it to the attention of the public days later. Interestingly, the pledge had been stricken from transcripts of the speech handed out to media.
Whatever happened to the “civilian national security force” initiative? No one in the press has dared to ask that question.
But two recent developments suggest Obama may have found an innovative way to achieve his objectives to militarize the homefront without creating a new national security force:
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Craig Cavanaugh said...

High Treason. Have rope, will travel...

Glenn B said...

I think that his wreckless use of TSA is actually his so called civilian army. Of course, the National Guard being called out to lock up American citizens would not surprise me as the next step. What surprises me, no actually it shocks me, is that so many Republicans were right behind the President in wanting the government to have the authority to disregard the Constitution, Habeus Corpus and Due process and to indefinitely lock up American citizens on American soil then transport them to places like Guantanamo without any form of due process at all. The fact is that many of the so called conservatives of today would have been considered ulta left wingers about 50 years ago, maybe even 40 years ago. Constitutional Conservatism needs to be reborn in this country and it needs to happen soon in a big way. The government needs to gets its power knocked down by at least half and to again remember that it is the servant of the people and it is not the other way around. If that takes a revolution to accomplish, then maybe that is what will be the only way to do it but I would hope not, yet my hopes are pretty low right now. I hope that the next election, and the few following that one, will help turn things around but I do not have much faith in such happening by the vote alone.

All the best,
Glenn B

CharlieDelta said...


Anonymous said...

Some, like me, outside the US who hold the view that there's fair wack of inbred ignorants living there take heart from the law of large numbers. With 300+ million or so there has to be a fair number of smart people about. Sure hope so. They need to circle the wagons.