Monday, January 30, 2012

A readers' AK and his 45

Was readin some of your posts from about a year or so back. You said somethin bout wantin to get an assault type rifle someday. I wanted to get one a few years back too. Got to talkin with some of my Marine buddys on what to get. One of em said, "Honestly? Don't get an AR. They're good when they're good, but damn expensive and really tempermental. The damn things jam just when ya seriously need them, and ya gotta clean the bitch ALL the time. In Iraq, the first thing we'd do was pick up a good AK-47 and all the ammo we could find, layin everywhere, and keep it as a backup for WHEN the AR failed, or we were out of Ammo."
I couldn't believe my ears!

Anyway, I went and got myself a 1976 New, Romey AK-47 for 4 hundred bucks. Put a Nikon 3-9 power Scope on it for $125. Few of the guys at my Range with AR's turned their nose up at me, and made some smartassd remarks about bein a commie puke.  All in fun. They sure shut the hell up with I brought back my Target from the 125 yard post. This was shot sittin down, just holdin the gun. No rest, tripod or nothin. I've since zeroed it in even tighter, to about a 3.5" Group, shootin from a sandbag. The Ammo is cheap as shit from Sportsman Guide. Somethin like 1000 rounds for like....$240. Anyway, just thought I'd show ya mine.  The .45 is my daily carry piece. It's a Para Ordanance LDA Carry. Have a good weekend.