Friday, January 06, 2012

Somebody's having a good weekend

I've been at this blogging bullshit for about 3 and a half years now and I've made a lot of changes to the format, content, background, shit like that. One of the most recent additions was a "Buy me a box of ammo or CGD a bone" gadget.
CharlieGodammit has cleaned up, Jack.
Now I don't get a lot of donations (and I'm not bitching, believe me) but fully 90% of the ones I do get come with a note attached: For CharlieGodammit.
Now I realize he's better looking than I am, meaner, and probably smarter too, but I really wonder what is the fucking attraction here for you folks? Seriously?

Then last week a mystery reader sent me an email saying she had a gift for Charlie but needed an address. I finally got over there and picked it up, wondering what in the fuck was in that box and when I got home me and CGD opened it together.
It was the biggest motherfucking rawhide bone I had ever seen.

"Holy shit, is that mine?"

He ain't wasting no time at all, is he?
I don't want to hear a word about the mess in my safe.

Compare the size of the bone to the Mini-14. Yes, it was unloaded when I leaned it against my ruck.

So yeah, this should keep him busy for the next couple of nights.
Thank you, Mystery Friend, whoever you are.