Sunday, January 22, 2012

Uh-oh, Mooch-elle is pissed.

(EUR) — The National Enquirer reports that First Lady Michelle Obama threw a temper tantrum over author Jodi Kantor’s new book, “The Obamas” that alleges that the first lady has diva-like behavior and spendthrift ways.
It is reported that after the book was released, she blamed the White House staff for leaking the information. The Enquirer reports that it all exploded on Jan. 9 when president Obama’s chief of staff Bill Daley suddenly resigned.
A top political source in Washington, D. C. told the Enquirer that Michelle threw a hissy fit when Barack suggested that they spend their winter vacation at Camp David because a Hawaiian vacation would bring more attention to her alleged reckless spending.
The Enquirer is reporting that Michelle blames the president for his inability to control the White House staff and the hurtful gossip they are spreading.
“She’s convinced that his aides have been leaking embarrassing details about her because they believe her extravagant behavior is hurting his re-election campaign,” said the source.
New insights into the alleged extravagant spending are revealed in the book, including an “Alice in Wonderland” party in which actor Johnny Depp in full costume presided over a Mad Hatter’s tea. Kantor, a New York Times correspondent, wrote “there were enormous stuffed animals in chairs and tiered serving plates with treats like bone-shaped meringue cookies.”


Stinkwilly said...

She's a vindictive bitch I bet.

"Ain't no mufuckuh gon cuse me of
wild ass spendin" Knowhamsayin baby??????

PISSED said...

Fuck her and jug-head.

Tattoo Jim said...

And now she's been on one of those Nickelodeon kids shows trying to make sure that the young people try to persuade the parents to vote for "the first lady's husband for president" again... better check out what your tweenies are watching people... nothing good can come from this!

tucsondon said...

I think they should take extravagant, uber-expensive vacations every month between now and election day. And big ass Motown parties every week. Buy a whole new wardrobe, too while you're at it. Get a new dog. Make sure it's a high dollar, high brow breed that few have ever even heard of.

Keep spending you dumb fucks. Spend your way out of office.

Skip said...

Cunt ain't first or a lady.

Stinkwilly said...

Tatoo Jim has a VERY good point. We should allll be watching what this bitch is trying to sneak in under the radar.

Tom said...

I think Skip nailed it!