Monday, February 27, 2012

And men everywhere felt their hearts stop for a moment


PISSED said...

Stop by at 11:00 est.. I have a camel toe that will stop your heart :)

Craig Cavanaugh said...

Dayum, she could pick her own nose with that thing!

wirecutter said...

She could pick my nose with it.

Cheesy said...

Probably a few women as well

Skip said...

Thats my prob with a 69.
With my honker, all I smell is asshole.
Damn the 'ol man.

Hello Birdy said...

That tongue is worth a fortune.

Hello Birdy said...

Hey skip, maybe try dating chicks who bathe :0)

Sammy said...

Yeah man. I mean the squishy with the eyes in the previous post ARE absolutely stunning but given a choice? I mean, c'mon.

-And now, my Red Green-style bit of consolation to all of us who don't have access to either one-

Just remember, fellas. No matter how beautiful she is, somebody somewhere is tired of her shit.

*Don't mean it ain't fun to drop in for a minute, however.

Thanks for the pics, K.L.

That is all.