Monday, February 20, 2012

Big Brown ain't sneaking up on me

Sitting here this fine evening, I hear Charlie go fucking apeshit out in the backyard where he'd been quietly sunning himself all day. He's in the back but he's raising hell at something out front. When I looked out the window, the UPS truck came idling by, stopping about 3 houses down.
"Calm down, motherfucker. He ain't coming here."
Hey, as long as the feds show up in UPS vans, I'll have plenty of warning.

But that might show how much shit I buy online. He knows the UPS truck by sound, a half block away.


Anonymous said...

That's the one good thing about dumb, hyperactive labs: a squirrel can't fart in my yard without those three going crazy for 5 minutes. Nothing more than ninjas or ghosts are sneaking up on me.

PISSED said...

OT.. I found your ginger camel toe... posting at 10:30 ;)

Have a great nite...! :)

wirecutter said...

You da man, Irish!
Wait, that sounded like a white boy trying to sound ghetto, didn't it?

Skip said...

UPS [gun shit] and fedex [chick shit] are here every day. I gotta check my 'ol lady's late night buying [HSN] account again.
Every time I float the idea sliding over to AZ for a gun, I get THE LOOK.

steiner said...

Shit,up again at odark30,going to sleep at 5 is too Goddamn early.
Black is buetifull
Tan is grand
But white be the shade of the big boss man.