Saturday, February 04, 2012

Boys will be boys

The detail in the decal was so small that the Vermont state trooper cleaning his patrol car had to get face to face with it to confirm that what he saw was really what he thought he saw.
The trooper, not identified by police, noticed that the one of the spots on the cow depicted on the state seal was oddly shaped.
Then it hit him: He was looking at a pig.
So he immediately reported it.
As police began looking into the matter, they learned that about 30 other police cruisers had the porcine-shaped spot on their decals too.
So how did the pig -- often used as a derogatory term for police -- get there in the first place?
As it turns out, the emblems are printed by prison inmates with the corrections department's print shop, which also makes the state's stationary and license plates.
Inmates working there seem to have pulled a prank that Vermont police are not finding very funny.
"We understand that a lot of people will find humor in this," said Stephanie Dasaro, a Vermont State Police spokeswoman. "But the joke does come at the expense of the taxpayers."
Police are still trying to figure out how many cruisers carry the modified decal. Dasaro said it would cost about $800 to replace them.
Dasaro said she found the prank "disrespectful," emphasizing that the prank is insulting to officers who serve the Green Mountain State.

Thanks, Steve, for the link.


That's almost as funny as slapping a III Percenter or a Fuck Obama sticker on the back of a cop car.


Toaster 802 said...

When Someone on the local marxist rag comment section asked why inmates where making supplies for the police, I detailed historical examples of police states using forced labor to equip the arms of social suppression. Unfortunately I include examples of communist nature, so my comments were removed.

Cause that's the way they roll in "progressive" Vermont.

If the super troopers had any sense of humor, they would just let it fly.

But call a Vermont state trooper a super trooper and you will discover how little sense of humor they really have.

dakotas5 said...

How about magnets for the trunk where it says traffic enforcement to revenue enhancement?

Anonymous said...

Too funny! Thanks for the first, and best, laugh I have had all day.
Thom III

Cheesy said...

I'd be more pissed about the three stubby dicks on the left side of the logo, if I were them....

Anonymous said...

Instead of using 800 dollars to replace it just use a black magic marker (water proof) and re-due the cow's color. How much would that cost to do, I could do it for 400 dollars.

RichardR said... money well spent!

wirecutter said...

Shit, I'd do it for free with a big fucking rock.

Glenn B said...

Pride - Integrity - Guts, at least that is what PIG should stand for relative to the police. Too bad that is all too often not the case and the image of an animal that bathes in its own shot often really does come to mind when you consider actions taken by some police officers and departments. It is sad indeed that law enforcement agencies of all natures simply forget that they are here to serve the people and not us bow to and serve them. My 32 years as a federal agent were dedicated to serving and protecting Americans, maybe by enforcing laws with which you (generic) or others might not always agree (but the law nonetheless). I always strived to do so with integrity, sometimes but yet all to often had to rely on guts (I have the aches, pains, arthritis, bursitis, and a bite mark scar to show for it) and yes sometimes I held myself in enough esteem to have some pride too but not too often and usually muted at that. When I see cops or other LEOs violating peoples rights, and I mean their real rights as under our Constitution, I become livid. It seems that all to often, LEOs (at least federal LEOs) forget they are sworn to uphold the Constitution and that they do so to protect the citizenry not to protect themselves as officials and not to protect the department or the government. When they violate the Constitution, they violate America. To date, the highest ranking LEO of them all, the chief executive officer of the United States of America, the current president, apparently is the biggest violator of Americans to have ever existed. If he is not voted out in 2012 I fear the worst for us. He has no integrity, no guts yet he has pride, what a friggin PIG indeed by the worst meaning of the term. Fuck Obama and his hoped for socialist police state!

All the best,

ejecto said...

Funny as Hell.