Sunday, February 12, 2012

But how can this be? Citizens can't own a gun in DC.

One man is dead after a shooting on the western edge of the National Mall.
Authorities received multiple calls reporting a shooting in the area of the Mall shortly before 8 a.m. Sunday.
News4's Derrick Ward reported seeing a number of police and police vehicles at the intersection of Ohio and Independence Avenues. 23rd Street and Ohio Drive are reportedly closed at this time.
At this time, there is no word of the nature of the shooting. D.C. police continue to investigate the crime.
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timbo said...

Ha ha ha. Wire"cutting" sarcasm!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if a 'purge' is taking place? Could this be a case of "Arkancide"? With Sooo many scandals taking place, a gunshot to the head raises questions.

Stretch said...

That intersection is close to the Potomac River. And Virginia just repealed the "one gun a month" law so this is CLEARLY a case of guns being run from evil Virginia to pure and saintly DC.
And anyone who says otherwise is racist.