Monday, February 27, 2012

Cancel Occupy Wall Street, begin Occupy Jailhouse


Stoney said...

A dirty, booted Honda Civic-
Illinois plates.
Plastered with placards and childish bumper stickers?

"Elementary My Dear Watson."

A young Obama voter in training.Never held a job; Attending a liberal university in Chicago at no cost thanks to Affirmative Action or a niche scholarship. PETA MEMBER. Raised in San Francisco.

Brain-fried at three-day orgy,can't remember where the Civic is parked.

Daryl said...

Fucking filthy hippy, just like his car, that I bet daddy bought, because he has a "work sucks" bumper sticker along with the rest of the shit back there.

Blue said...

NOW that's some funny shit!

Sarthurk said...

off topic
This is probably why dhs is checking on you. Seriously!