Saturday, February 18, 2012

Good shooting, guys.

Here's a video sent in by Joel that shows the drone from the animal rights activist getting shot down by the good guys. Okay, it conveniently doesn't show it actually getting blasted and it doesn't show it hitting the ground but hey! who am I to doubt it?
He's saying he's going to put more drones up. Let's see, that drone runs about 300 bucks a pop, the shotgun shells used to shoot it down, mere pennies if they reload.
Do the math, ya stupid fucker. You're gonna run out of drones long before they run out of   #7 1/2s.

I also added this video to the original post with a little more commentary.


rpm2day said...

More than likely his poor flying skills and shitty attitude were at fault.
I was waiting for 4 good old boys to rush out of the woods and push that van over though!

Rich T said...

It cost's me 17 cents to reload a birdshot load.

That's a real good ROI.

boilerdoc said...

If the hippies little chopper is in range I would consider it fair game.

DeNihilist said...

OK, I get that Steve feels that what was going to happen at the club was disrespectful to the pigeons, his point of view.

What I don't get is why the shooters would not just go ahead and enjoy their sport helicopter or no helicopter. It is legal right?

Or were they afraid that the footage from the helicopter would get reactions like Gore's fake polar bears?

Besides, seeing the little damage that did occur to the copter, I doubt that the pigeons were in much danger anyway!

Craig Cavanaugh said...

I would have done the same thing. None of your damn business what I'm doing, and spies will be dealt with accordingly. PULL! : )

Dwayne Chandler said...

I don't think it's too far fetched to consider this the first shots fired to restore the Republic and Constitution.
The most significant human events of change always begin as extremely small incidents.

Most sincerely, Dwayne Chandler.

Dan said...

I suspect that this is all posturing and BS from the idiot behind the camera trying to smear
the hunters. The damage to the
"drone" appeared to be a small piece missing from the end of one rotor blade. That type of damage is easily accounted for by a hamfisted landing by the braindonor trying to fly the device. Looks like typical libtard
PETA bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Shot it down? WTF? I was expecting a "yard sale" of parts. Stuff strewn across the forest floor. They flew that thing for how long after it was "hit"?!!?!?

Nope not going to buy it...because it is their word...and they aint really that reliable.


Anonymous said...

Wait, wait, one breath he states how they ran to the police to file a report and then he calls them "corrupt".....WTF he can't make up his mind can he...either you are willing to have the police take care of the "bullies" or you hate the police because they take care of "bullies".

Typical limp writed progressive liberals....they want it THEIR way.


angrymike said...

I say, I think I heard 5or6 shots, dang guys I don't want you in my foxhole. 2 to 3 shots is all they should have needed, come on guys!

Blue said...

That drone was trespassing.

Dwayne Chandler said...

Seriously, at least someone had the nuts to shoot.
Regardless of this fact, that collectivist goon squad was talking shit to them in the treeline.
Also, don't forget about their tough talking remarks about the "shooter" that departed on the ATV.
Maybe none of the shots connected, but again, at least someone had the nuts to fire on a collectivist operation in progress.

Most sincerely, Dwayne Chandler.