Thursday, February 02, 2012

He's taking this Obamessiah shit a little too seriously

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- What Would Jesus ... Deduct?President Obama offered a new line of reasoning for hiking taxes on the rich on Thursday, saying at the National Prayer Breakfast that his policy proposals are shaped by his religious beliefs.
Obama said that as a person who has been "extraordinarily blessed," he is willing to give up some of the tax breaks he enjoys because doing so makes economic, and religious sense.
"For me as a Christian, it also coincides with Jesus's teaching that for unto whom much is given, much shall be required," Obama said, quoting the Gospel of Luke.

So what does the Bible say about taxes?
Not too much. The Bible is silent on whether capital gains should be taxed at 15% or a higher rate. Ditto for other types of investment income. Payroll tax holidays are not mentioned.
"If you did a search on taxes in the Bible, you are not going to find a lot that's helpful for this discussion," said O. Wesley Allen, a Bible scholar at Lexington Theological Seminary.

Excerpted from the story found here.


Anonymous said...

Christ also enjoined us to sell our cloaks and purchase swords. THE WON probably doesn't know that one.

MAJ Mike

Dobro Player said...

I bet liberals won't cry "separation of church and state" if it means they get to eat the rich. If a republican quoted the bible for a policy, liberals would lynch them. Anyway, I doubt that Obama is really a Christian or has read the bible; in his delusional mind, he probably thinks of himself as god.

Fuck Obama.

Glenn B said...

What the fuck happened to that liberal notion of separation of Chruch and State? Is Obama suddenly becomming a conservative and a Christian-LOL so hard it hurts.

nyjets427 said...

If he was said f,ing christian, why does he mandate catholics to supply birth control and not the muzzles. That dick lies so much he doesn't even know he's doing it!
Fuck Zero,asshole!

Dirty Al the Infidel said...

God only asks for 10%. Ceasar DEMANDS MORE. Maybe Zero should "go and sell all his things".

andy said...

Heis blessed...he found enough white people to put his black ass in the whitehouse, also everyone knows the jews have all the money :-P

Erinyes said...

Render unto Caeser what is Caeser's. Then toss Caeser's ass out of the White House in 2012.

Rich said...

I remember the 1995 movie Joseph with Martin Landau as Jacob. One of his lines from that movie still echoes, and I bet 0bama will hear it sooner or later (as he stands in judgement): "Be careful what you lay at the feet of the Lord, blessed be His name."

Dan O. said...

(Yeah, I'm this far behind in my blog reading. )

"...that for unto whom much is given, much shall be required."

Really? And WHAT exactly was "given to them you fucking Pant-load? How is their money any less EARNED than the rest of us?

Fuck Obama