Sunday, February 19, 2012

How many of you Old Timers still remember Buck & Ball?

Bought some of these 12-gauge shells at the gun show in Cleburne. They have a
full bore size ball in front and 9 smaller balls behind. Called "Perfect 10".
- Seaspook


I can remember using these in thick-ass brush when I was a kid hunting along the Chattahoochee back in Georgia, but it seems like the ball was loaded behind the buckshot so the buck would cut a path for the ball.
Doesn't make much difference in a home defense situation - Motherfucker ain't going to get up whether he gets the buckshot or ball first.


angrymike said...

I ain't seen them in a number of years, but if I dig I think I can come across a couple dozen.
heh heh

dhanna59 said...

Wirecutter, get me some acqitition info for that ordnance, I got a spare few hundred bucks since my wife left. Seriously, I want at least a hundred rounds!

Joel said...

sweet mother of God, You grew up in Georgia too? I knew there was something about your writing I liked.

wirecutter said...

Lived there for a couple three years back in the mid-70s when Pops was stationed at Ft. Benning.
Loved it and it's in the running for my retirement in a few years.

Worker said...

I am here to state that 00 buck will get the job done; shot a neighbors about 500# cow (POS was letting them out at night to feed off our food source) at 30 yards. Hit center of mass (chest area) and knocked her about two feet sidewaws. I keep a folding stock Rem. 870 with an extention tube in the house loaded with this stuff: bring it on.

Shell said...

Ten years ago I was a security supervisor at Zoo Atlanta, acted as armorer and stood gun guard during large animal transfers. The zoo had three Remington 870 Police shotguns and a Remington 700 in .308 Winchester.

I used an 870 during transfers and alternated 00 buck and slugs in it. I was sure that would do the job but I spent the whole two years I was there wishing I could get some buck and ball loads so I'd be certain of it.

Although even if I had got some the touchy-feely types who ran the place would've shit little green apples over it. The chief veterinarian would've approved - because she was a tough little woman who knew I was the only thing between her and a severe mauling or stomping at best and death at worst - but the admin types were ivory tower academics without a clue about real life. Before the lion transfer one of them told me, "If you shoot the lion you'll be fired, you know." "Yeah, and I'll be alive to get another job, so it evens out.", was my reply.

Anonymous said...

It's a small world after all.

My roots now run deep in the Lone Star State. I was born in the Great state of Georgia. Have spent many boyhood days running the banks of the Chattahoochee,just north of Columbus. Was there I learned how to swim and fish.

Erinyes said...

I first read that as "when I was kid hunting in thick ass brush"...