Sunday, February 26, 2012

I keep asking myself the same question

I have no doubt whatsoever that public knowledge of the following has to occasionally make Obama nervous and apprehensive, smoking butts like a chimney. Perhaps that’s why he’s rumored to be kept sedated. Xanax, anyone? Prove me wrong.
Obama spends million of tax payer dollars to defend himself against all comers in at least two dozen lawsuits demanding to see his records. So far, no court in America will hear the case on its merits. Prove me wrong.
Like pimps, his handlers keep their money-maker under their control, toe-ing the line with tried and true drugs of choice: ego, power, perks, male lovers, and crack cocaine. Prove me wrong.
The “community organizer” and his “wife” have never had it so good. Vacay, anyone? Taxpayer-underwritten campaign trips? Millions of dollars for Madame Michelle’s entourage of make up artists and courtesans? Private schools for their spawn?
What ever it takes to keep their boy and his beard sweet.
The stick. His handlers know ALL his dirty little secrets. After all, they’re the ones who picked and groomed him for the job. Obama must live every day of his life in a prison of apprehension, knowing they can and will blow his cover and bury him if they want to. Knowing that as long as he does what his Blackberry tells him, he’s home free for another day. And just as added insurance, his putative wife Michelle is paid in perks to hover close by, making sure he doesn’t screw up the deal. You could say agent Michelle’s earning her “compensation” as Obama’s “bodyguard”, his minder. Prove me wrong.

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Goldenrod said...

I hope I'm way out in left field but I've often wondered if this isn't a cross between Manchurian Candidate and democrat implants in the Republican hierarchy