Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I still ain't in the mood to be fucked with.

When I came in tonight CharlieGodammit was feeling pretty rambunctious and started playing real rough, too rough, pulling at my fingers and twisting them, grabbing at my beard and finally that motherfucker up and nipped my ear.
Judging by the look on both their faces and the yelp from CGD, I don't think either him or Miss Lisa expected it when I bit him back.
Fucking asshole dog. That shit hurt.


Joel said...

Been there, done that with an Anatolian Shepherd. She bit my face, I bit her's.

Glenn B said...

I do not know how my wide did it but when she trained our dogs, she trained them not to use their mouths/teeth on us when they play. They bite each other but not us, well except for Pepe our male Chihuahua (named after Pepe Le Pew not a Mexican). He once ripped my sons lip open with a quick bite, Pepe paid for it too.

I am guessing though that if a burglar came by, he would be bitten pretty nastily by the bigger two dogs and maybe by both Chihuahuas. I know our older mutt Mimi would not hesitate to bite. She went after and nipped (no skin breakage) the UPS deliveryman not long ago. Thank goodness he was a nice guy or we would probably have already received notice from his lawyer that we were being sued. Then again, if Roxie had bitten him both he and us would have been in trouble.

Man bites dog often does the trick though. I bit a friends dog once, years ago. Stopped him from ever nipping at me again after only one bite from me.

All the best,
Glenn B

Skip said...

My buds black lab and him got into a real fight one day.
One would bite and the other would right cross.
Went on for awhile 'till my bud got tired of the labs shit and fuckin'near choked him out.
Bro was bleeding pretty good and the lab is scared shitless of him now.

Tom said...

My 9-year-old 90-lb. Yellow Lab will occasionally nip while playing -- he split my lower lip open once -- but there's not an ounce of meanness in him. When playing, he still thinks he's a 9-week-old puppy.

I also have a 5-year-old Border Collie / Lab mix. Sometimes (when my back isn't killing me) I'll get down on the floor and play with both of them, growling and grabbing and pushing with my bare hands. Both love to use their paws, and the Yellow Lab likes to head-butt. And while I try to avoid it, sometimes my hand will end up in the mouth of a playing, growling dog. You know, what they say is true -- Labs have soft mouths. Each have grabbed my hand with their teeth, but NEVER with enough pressure to hurt at all.

Guess I'm a lucky guy!

wirecutter said...

He's got his limits with different people. He'll bite the blood out of me sometimes when we're playing - he gets slammed around too - but he's not allowed to put his mouth around Lisa's hand.
He still got his playtime in afterwards. Love my dog.

Swamprat said...

Had Labs, Dobermans, Shepards, and years ago, went back to the dog I was brought up with. A Boston Terrier. Greatest Fuckin Breed of Dog...ever was.

Dependin on YOUR size requirement.
Get em Young. A dog is what YOU let the Dog be. You have a dog? His personality, is what YOU have let him become.

Just like Kids, sometimes, ya just got to slap the shit out of em.

Only problem is...DOGS remember...Kids don't.....

Anonymous said...

My dachshund, RuGrr does not like anyone near his bone. He put a tooth right through my left index fingernail when I happened to wave my hand past him. And like lightning too! Geez! My two Goldens only bite each other. Brother and sister, what else would you expect?

angrymike said...

Guess you got Tyson'ed!!!!!