Saturday, February 18, 2012

I'm putting your ass on notice

Okay, check this shit out.
If you make a common product and package it in a way that makes it impossible to open without tools, a lower back injury, and/or a healthy command of cusswords in 3 languages, I will not buy your fucking product.
I am referring to, specifically, those goddamned clamshell packages. Some of them, like the ones that are pressed shut, can be opened with only a little effort but those motherfucking heat-sealed ones can't be opened without completely destroying the packaging, like this cable package that I battled today. No shit, this took 5 minutes and a Buck 110 to open.

Now what in the fuck am I supposed to do after I got it opened and found out that the saleskid sold me the wrong shit?
So if you package your product in a manner that makes it impossible for anybody over 60 to open or in a way that makes it impossible to return in case of defect or mistake, you can kiss my White Trash Okie ass. I ain't buying it.