Friday, February 10, 2012

Just another excuse to go back.

One thing that I like about Bass Pro is that I can generally do all my shopping within 500 square feet - ammo, guns, reloading and predator calls and such, but it can also be a downfall.
I got off early today and on the way home I decided to stop at the Bass Pro and check out their prices on bulk 223 ammo. By the time I got out of there an hour later I had 2 new coyote calls and a box of Hornady's Critical Defense 38 Special +P ammo for my pocket rocket plus I had priced a couple of scopes, a new rangefinder and some chaps for hunting sagebrush.
I forgot all about the 223 ammo.


c w swanson said...

Cabelas up in Boomtown is just as bad. I never get out of there without spending a couple hundred bucks.

But it's so worth it!

rpm2day said...

Try the Reno big gunshow. That'll empty your wallet one way or the other.

Skip said...

Yep, every time I go to Wallyworld for shotshells I come home with 250 of 9mm and 200 of .45, plus a buncha chink shit I don't need.
Don't get me started on Cosco.