Monday, February 20, 2012

Let them eat cake

First lady Michelle Obama’s weekend jaunt to Aspen, Colorado for a President’s Day ski holiday with her daughters Sasha and Malia makes the 16th time members of the first family have gone on extended vacations during their three years in office.
Their stay at the home of a major Chicago fundraiser for President Obama makes the fifth time the first lady and her daughters have taken a break from Washington on their own. Only once has Obama had a long weekend out of town and alone, celebrating his 49th birthday in Chicago in August 2010.
Accounting for trips out of Washington for several days, the total number of vacations Washington Secrets tabulated is 16, 10 where the family was together, such as for Christmas and summer vacations, one by the president and five by the first lady. Not included were Camp David visits or trips like the first family’s New York City date night in May, 2009.


16 Vacations on 3 years.......
Now, after 20 years on the job I get 4 vacation weeks a year and I will admit that it's a generous vacation plan. So in the same period of time I have taken 12 weeks of vacation from loading trucks, lifting heavy cases and dealing with my several bosses that all want different things done at the same time.
She's taken 16 vacations (not vacation weeks) in the same period and from what? TV appearances and restaurant visits?
I've taken 12 vacation weeks and stayed at home for every fucking one of them because I cannot afford to go anyplace fancy - hell, I can't even afford to go coyote hunting with the price of gas between $3.50 and $4 a gallon. Yet this woman has been to several countries and hotspots here in the States, stays in the finest hotels and eats extravagant meals, all on our dime, while this Nation is struggling with one of the worst financial crisis in it's history.


Anonymous said...

It gives Lord Obongo some "me" time with ReggieLove



drjim said...

Yep, they're the new American Royalty.
God help us if this fucker gets re-elected!

Anonymous said...

Black Bitch !!!!!

Scott said...

You have a job? Must be nice. I had a job once. Now it's all in China. Shit.
Oh, yeah...fuck obama. No, I mean FUCK OBAMA! We are seriously screwed if that asshole (can I say that?) gets reelected.

Erinyes said...

I'm lucky to have the job I do after losing my own construction business and everything with it. No benes, no vacation pay or sick days. I'm working seven days a week right now and the stress is killing me and we're living paycheck to paycheck. But I'm not complaining. Meanwhile this cunt is on vacation AGAIN?

RichardR said...

Fuck you Nobama....your cake tastes like shit!