Saturday, February 04, 2012

My ammo guys

I've been dealing with for a couple of years now and can personally attest to their commitment to customer satisfaction.
One thing I really like about them is the motherfuckers ship fast - place your order and the Big Brown is delivering your ammo in a couple of days.
And they don't play games as far as knowing who their customer base is. They know it's Preppers and appreciate that fact. Matter of fact, these survey results came in an email from them today.

Click to enlarge.

Anyways, give these folks a visit and even if you don't buy anything, bookmark their site and check out what their special of the week may be.
Here's the link:

Stop by and tell Steve that Wirecutter sent you.


drjim said...

I forget what blog I found out about them from, but they ^definitely* get most of my business.
Very nice people, and yep, they ship FAST!

Stinkwilly said...

We'll give'em a try I usually go to Cheaper'n'dirt but I am not comitted to any one supplier.