Saturday, February 18, 2012

A new addition to our monthly budget - screening material

CharlieGodammit still doesn't have the concept of sliding doors down yet.
The old house had a regular door from the mud porch so it wasn't any problem there, but with our slider here...... well, it's been 3 weeks and he's already blown out one screen door and I've lost count of the times he's just walked right into the sliding glass door, especially right after Miss Lisa has cleaned it, which she does at least once a day to clean off the doggie slobber, nose prints and gopher guts.
I thought about taping a piece of masking tape at eye level for him, but it's just so damned funny to watch him pile up at the door and then back up try it again.
He may be learning though. Yesterday he walked up to the door pawing the air from about 3 feet away until he got through okay.


angrymike said...

Thanks, you made my Sunday, I've walked through a screen myself. To funny!

Stretch said...

Ask Miss Lisa (See? I know how things really work.) if you can put stickers on the glass so CGD knows the door is there.

Uriah said...

I've done that as well, at long last destroying the screen. We had a old cat named Earl that used to nail the glass at high speed. Figure they'd learn after a spell, but she did it for years.

ParaPacem said...

I'm with Stretch - animals eyes don't see layers of things the way ours do, so some decorative decals, or spots or whatever, will help.

Anonymous said...

Put some yarn in it about eye level.