Sunday, February 19, 2012

Obama attorney files suit, stops oil over death of 28 birds.

Newt Gingrich was on with Chris Wallace on FOX News Sunday this morning. After Wallace challenged him on his promise to get gas prices back down to $2.50 per gallon, Newt reminded him,
“You can guarantee under the Obama plan there’s going to be less American production and higher prices. We already have the highest price on average in history. This president is anti-American energy. He is consistently opposing it. You know, his US attorney in North Dakota filed a lawsuit over 8 migratory birds. That’s how much they’re opposed to the oil industry… It was a $1.89 when Obama was sworn in. $2.50 is not some inconceivable number except in the Washington establishment.”

It’s true. (Although the actual number is 28 not 8 which is still absurd.) In October 2011 the Obama administration prosecuted seven oil and gas companies for the deaths of 28 migratory birds. The companies were arraigned in federal court in Bismarck.


Swamprat said...

If Americans don't wake the hell up and vote this bastard OUT in Nov. Our Capitalist Democratic history.

angrymike said...

You go Newt, some don't trust him, but he's the smartest of the candidates. This fucknut in the whitehouse is running OUR, not his, country into the ground. This must stop!

Anonymous said...

Newt is the only candidate with the skills and balls to slap the snot out of those Chicago Communist thugs.

I believe the man is a patriot and would put the nation back on track.
His snarly growl is a plus in my book.

Would someone please explain why he isn't leading in the polls.

angrymike said...

thanks for the tracer tip, stopped in got a few boxes Friday.

wirecutter said...

Consider yourself lucky on the tracers. Nobody will ship the good shit here to Kalifornia.

Hello Birdy said...

They should be prosecuting my cat. She does in that many birds annually. Although she has no oil so it probably wouldn't matter to them.

MW@Cairns said...

And the thousands of birds killed daily by wind farms....?