Friday, February 10, 2012

Old fashioned parenting

This is a little long, but once you get into it a bit you won't wanna click off. Plus it's got a great ending.
Thanks, Sammy.


Bob said...

It's worth following him on Facebook (Tommy Jordan). He's posting updates regularly and refusing all interviews with the MSM, doesn't want to allow them to twist/shape his words to make him look like a wacko. Pretty shrewd. Hope he's lawyered up, the leftists will try to get him declared an unfit parent and get his guns confiscated.

Ancient Woodsman said...


Sure, some will cry...but the line about the two jobs & volunteer fireman while going to college? That was GREAT! Heck I used that on my son already: two FULL TIME jobs while going to college FULL TIME and still a volunteer fireman & going to the fire academy in my (very limited) spare time...somewhere in that five years managed to get married & buy a house. All with no cell phone, ipod, laptop (or computer or internet), starbucks, credit card, cable or TV for that name it.

Kids these days don't have a clue. Thanks for sharing, but lazy folks won't get it.

Dave said...

Glad to see there are still some good parents left.

Robert Fowler said...

One nice thing was the fact that CSGV threw a fit over this. Anything that pisses off the gun haters is good stuff.

giamby said...

WTF???? No participation trophy for the kid? Bullshit!

rpm2day said...

Go Dad! Been through the kid wars myself.

PatriotUSA said...

Another dad who shoots technology.
Love it!

I shot my son's I phone because he tried to pull the same crap.

I left the dead I phone on his pillow with a note that just said "any questions?"

I wish I had filmed it, damn it.

Next time I trash my cell phone I will be sure to record it. Just a matter of time.

And our son? He got the message loud and clear and has turned out to be a great kid.

DeNihilist said...

Gotta admire a guy who's pissed off can still manage that tight of a grouping!

Tom said...

I was impressed that Dad did NOT lose his temper - though I could see he really wanted to!

One thing I would have loved to have seen - Dad should have flipped the laptop over so we could have seen the full effect of those shots!

Oh, one more thing I'd love to see (though I doubt we'll get to) - the look on that little brat's face when she finds out how hard Dad came down on her (without whipping her), and then realizes that all of her friends, acquaintances, her entire school, and the rest of the world see her get called to rights.

I'd love to buy Dad a beer and tell him "well done!"