Monday, February 13, 2012

People are pissed at iTunes

Sony Music has come under fire after it increased the price of a Whitney Houston album on Apple's iTunes Store hours after the singer was found dead.
The music giant is understood to have lifted the wholesale price of Houston's greatest hits album, The Ultimate Collection, at about 4am California time on Sunday. This meant that the iTunes retail price of the album automatically increased from £4.99 to £7.99.
Houston's The Ultimate Collection, originally released in 1997, was the second top-selling album on iTunes on Monday morning. Apple returned the album to its original price late on Sunday.


What the fuck, people?
When somebody dies, the price of their goods automatically go up. An artist dies, the prices of their paintings shoot through the roof. Fact of life (or death, depending how you look at it), plain and simple, deal with it.
Besides, if you liked her music so much, why didn't you already have the fucking album? Quit bitching and go buy some ammo instead.


davidc said...

Right, ammo would be a better investment of your hard earned money !

dhanna59 said...

JFC PEOPLE!!! Just another "nappy headed ho" OD'd. BFD, end of subject. MOOOCHELLE is just another nappy headed ho without hair straightener too. Look close at the hairline...Look at the bones in her legs from the knee down. Look at them "breedin woman" hips. You could root around in that junk with a section of telephone pole. Kevin Costner-you suck! (except for DANCES WITH WOLVES).....

Anonymous said...

Downloaded iTunes 10 cuz I was advised I should by Apple. 15 minutes later, all my music disappeared.
G.O.N.E. Gone.
All my CD tunes, all my net rips, ALL got disappeared. More than 4 hours of my favorite music...gone.
Not a big fan of iTunes, at all.
So Steve, RIP man. Your iTunes software really, really sux!

Uriah said...

I rarely download anything unless I just HAVE to have it. I still like CD's and albums. That gal could sing, but I always thought the music sucked.

On a unrelated note, on Saturday they flew the flag at half-mast for her in Jersey. That boggles the mind. I wonder how all the vets feel about that one...