Saturday, February 18, 2012

She's at it again.

(Aspen Daily News) — First Lady Michelle Obama arrived in Aspen on Friday afternoon and is here with her daughters for a ski vacation.
Few details about her trip were available. Sources said she is staying at the home of Jim and Paula Crown, owners of the Aspen Skiing Co. She is reportedly skiing at Buttermilk today, where the Crowns, of Chicago, own a home on the Tiehack side.
Several people have known about the “low-key” vacation, with the Secret Service in town for the past few days scoping out places for the family to relax and enjoy what the resort has to offer.
Pitkin County Sheriff Joe DiSalvo confirmed that he has met with the Secret Service and has loaned seven deputies to help protect the first lady and her family.


Low key vacation my ass. Since when is any opportunity for her to spend our money low key?
261 more days, 261 more days.......


Cheesy said...

Pray for an avalanche?

Dwayne Chandler said...

Stars and Stripes link includes actual video of soldier wearing pregnancy outfit and doing "PT."

Spon said...

Man, I'll be so glad when these section 8'ers are out of public housing. With Moo out of town I
wonder what Bathhouse Barry will be up to? Nah, nevermind.

dhanna59 said...

@ Dwayne- un-fukkin-believable, but true!!! Men wearing 25 lb pregnancy suits in order to appreciate how it is to be pregnant and be a soldier! MANDATORY TRAINING coming to a Post near you soon!
I had a female SP4 in 2001 that was coming up for re-enlistment. Out of the last 3 1/2 years, was pregnant for 3. Back to back spit em out future penetentiary inmate factory. Single black female. diiferent fathers, no husband. I got it chaptered out for "lack of Family Care PLan, but not before it was "cashiered" (paid involuntary seperation pay) and was several thousand dollars. Amazingly, I saw it again a year later, in uniform. It had "got married" and could now be allowed back in. I frikkin lost my mind and made this a "personal" crusade to get this parasite out of my Army! I involved command elements and demanded contact info for the "husband" to take physical responsibility for the inmates in case of deployment. Come to find out, It, it's recruiter and the bogus husband got investigated. It got chaptered again, but no money. Recruiter relieved, demoted. It all came out of New York City. Shockingly, all involved were BLACK. Imagine that! The investigation uncovered more fraud than I have the time or abililty to write here. The Army is also a welfare state....

rpm2day said...

I've worn the same pair of Wranglers now for 6 days in a row now without washing them, just to see if I could.

wirecutter said...

Shit man, I regularly wear mine for 5 days running. 6 woudn't be too hard, especially in the winter when you don't get as much ass sweat on them.

Dwayne Chandler said...


You ain't lyin about the modern US Army being a welfare state.
Here what really burns me up: At least 50% of new female soldiers, at any post, are regularly becoming pregnant; 18-23, straight out of AIT and barely a minute in the Army.
I see it constantly, they come into the aid station for sick call, complaining of nausea, vomiting and "not feeling good."
Worse yet, they come in looking and feeling like a case study straight out of the morning sickness playbook, but pretend they have no idea they are/could be pregnant.
However, we have to play along PC and not insinuate anything, by pretending to have no idea what could possibly make them a nauseated puking maching almost overnight.
From there it's give them a cup to piss in, conduct a pregnancy test, confirm a positive bun in the oven reading, and pass it on to whichever doc covers that female soldier.
After that, the Army welfare state takes over, by now giving that female soldier, with less than a year in service, E-1 thru E-3 private, single and maybe knowing for certain who the barracks daddy is a first class ticket to subsidy heaven.

The Single Pregnant Soldier
This soldier merits additional attention because all the issues of pregnant soldiers are magnified. The typical profile of this soldier is a young (under 25), junior (E4 or below) barracks dweller. By default, her chain of command often becomes her support network as she progresses through her pregnancy.

Some examples: BAQ/BAS
Pregnant soldiers who are barracks dwellers are authorized to remain in the barracks until the seventh month of pregnancy. At that time they are entitled to BAQ and BAS in order to establish a home. "Now that brand new female soldier has the Army subsidizing a home or apartment for them, instead of living in the barracks, where a new junior soldier belongs."

Women, Infants, and ChildrenProgram (WIC)"Christ almighty was my first thought about finding this one in reg's."

DD Form 2558: Allotment to provide for care of the child(ren) during parents' absence.

Upon confirmation of pregnancy
Soldier is exempt from:
Unit's regular physical training program
Physical Fitness Testing
Wearing of load-bearing equipment (including web belt).
"Then institute a new mandatory PT instructor training program that teaches empathy for pregnant soldiers?" "Without question, it's nothing but feminazi, PC, collectivist, mangina social engineering."
Well, there you have it Soverign Citizens, the combat readiness of our Republics Army.
All Army welfare state examples were also drawn from: AR 600-20, AR 670-1.

rpm2day said...

"Ass sweat" ya got me snortin' beer out of my nose on that one-mostly 'cause it's true!