Saturday, February 25, 2012

Unarmed woman shot to death by cops for rolling up her window


Of course the cop will be cleared because who's going to take the word of a scroungy citizen over a "hero" that selflessy puts his line on the line every day while patrolling the area around a Catholic school?
I wonder how the police department would react if citizens were to walk up to police cars and start shooting, saying "You took one of ours, now we're taking 10 of yours?"


Glenn B said...

I do not see the officer getting off too easily. I think he may be convicted based on what little I have seen of this case although I would expect there is more to be seen of it.

For him to have placed his hand inside the car goes against almost every bit of training he should have ever received on car stops and the like. Unless he can show he was grabbing for a weapon to defend himself, what other reason could he have within reason - not very many. Then there is the witness, whom by the way Police are already accusing of changing his story. If the witness' testimony stands up, the officer is likely going to jail.

Now you would think there would be another witness, a silent one maybe, as in a video cam in the cop's car, and there was one - sort of. You see, it reportedly was not working though as per the mayor. In addition, it may never have come on as reportedly the blue lights in the police car were never turned on (they often trigger the camera). That is another thing going against the testimony of the officer. Why was he ordering this woman to stop if he had not lit up his lights? Would he not normally do so to make sure she understood she was being stopped by the law.

I would like to know all the facts but chances are if this is left to the state police to investigate, and they are investigating now, then it may never all come out in the open. Of course, then again, maybe they will hang the cop.

All the best, G

Bob said...

"I wonder how the police department would react if citizens were to walk up to police cars and start shooting, saying "You took one of ours, now we're taking 10 of yours?"

A war would start, because the police would try to have Martial Law declared and guns rounded up.

Chris Mallory said...

In some of the accounts I have read, the husband is quoted as saying the Jeep had manual window cranks. So how in the hell did a woman crank up a window by hand so fast that she trapped a grown man's arm?

If I were to bet money, I would say she was shot for "Contempt of Cop". Of course any right thinking person has nothing but contempt for tax fattened badge wearers.

angrymike said...

Bob it may come to that, I pray it doesn't,but I got this strange feeling it might.

Worker said...

Police shooting unarmed US citizens: color me shocked! Seems to becoming more the norm these days or maybe these 'incidents' are being reported more via the blog spots/internet. In anycase, I do not remember these types of things happening when I was growing up (65 now) - but then again, our society and government have changes - again, color me shocked.

Hello Birdy said...

I don't particularly like the sort of police we have these days, but I am alway polite and do exactly what they say because of what happened here.

The cop that pulls you over may have some mental or emotional issues possible even due to the work they do. Nevertheless, their punishment is being who they are. Cops are social lepers, they can only associate with other cops (Fucking YUK) because not one else wants them around.