Saturday, February 18, 2012

US using drones over Syria

The United States is flying unmanned reconnaissance planes over Syria to monitor the regime's escalating crackdown on dissent, U.S. defense officials told NBC television on Saturday.
The drones are being used to gather evidence on the Syrian security forces' violence against pro-democracy protesters that can be used to "make a case for a widespread international response," the U.S.-based broadcaster quoted the unnamed officials as saying.


You know, I can remember that it wasn't not to long ago that flying in another nation's airspace constituted an act of war.
When did that change for the US? When we started using drones and there weren't any lives (at that moment) at risk? Personally, I feel that invading airspace is no different than invading the ground.
And what fucking business is it of ours if Syria is ahead of the rest of the pack in the mid-east as far as self destruction goes? Motherfuckers want to X each other out, let 'em. Don't make no difference to me, it ain't like we don't have enough shit to worry about here at home.
Okay, I got my morning growl out of the way.