Monday, February 27, 2012

Applies more today more than ever

- Murray


Brock Townsend said...

Hussein has the memorized.

Swamprat said...

THIS man, IS Treason from within.

It has nothing do do with him being "half black". He's Not "Black". It has nothing to do with "Race".
The man is a Socialist/Marxist. Read his history, look at the people he has associated with ALL his life. I honestly find it so hard to believe, Americans were truly sucked into this farce of a man.

Americans are just STUPID for electing this Manchurian candidate. Let's see if they maintain their Stupidity, come November....
If so...Our Republic is lost...not by obama's fault, but by the stupidity and ignorance of the american people.

Stinkwilly said...

Swamprat you have got it nailed. I watched, ( for 1 min)-- when a reporter was asking different celebs at the oscars what their opinion of obama was. It was enough to make you lose your fucking supper.Those pieces of shit
are disgusting, especially clooney and his fan base......they'll vote for whoever he votes for. Simply disgusting.

Everett said...

How can someone 2000+ years old be so much smarter than all the millions of dumb-shit-o-crats who voted for the fucking asshole in the WH?