Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The "100 corrupt ministers" part sounds right

AFP — A transgender Indonesian man who shot to fame after it emerged he had worked as Barack Obama’s nanny in the late 1960s wants nothing from “little Barry” but to meet him again some day. [...]
“I want to tell him that not only Americans but everyone in the world salutes him,” he said.
“Once he pointed to a picture of (Indonesian) President Sukarno and said ‘I hope I will grow up to become someone like him’. I am proud that his wish came true.
“And if the Barry I knew is the same Barry who is America’s number-one man, I’m sure he will accept me for the person I am, transgender or not.”

WFB points us to this Encyclopedia Britannica description of Sukarno:

Sukarno’s personal and political excesses, as epitomized eventually by his neo-Marxist, crypto-communist ideology and his infamous cabinet of 100 corrupt and cynical ministers, induced a continuous state of national crisis. . . .
Until 1965, Sukarno was still able to stir the Indonesian masses to near-hysterical belligerency. Millions of Indonesians sang and shouted his slogans and acclaimed Sukarno as “Great Leader of the Revolution,” “Lifetime President” (his official title), and oracle and warrior of the Nefo — his acronym for the “New Emerging Forces” — in violent conflict with Nekolim — the neocolonialism, capitalism, and imperialism of the “doomed” Western powers.

- Stu


FREE said...

oops I meant for the link about fags in Russia to go here. Sorry

Uriah said...

Until recently I didn't know what 'transgendered' was. That's just wrong in so many ways.