Saturday, March 17, 2012

Back to the Crazed Combat Vet bullshit

So far today I've read about 2 homicides committed here in California by returned combat vets and 4 others committed by your run of the mill dope fiends. I'm assuming they were dope fiends by the circumstances described in the articles (web and local smut sheet).
Funny, those other 4 murders didn't mention if the accused was a vet or not. They also didn't mention if the accused was raised by convict parents, were gang members, whatever.
So we're back to the same shit that occurred during Vietnam. All vets are crazed killers. Period.
I've yet to read an article about a vet that came home, adjusted back into civilian life, is holding a 60 hour a week job and is coaching his sons' baseball team and daughters' soccer team.
Okay, forget the part about the job - there aren't any - but you get my point.

Look, it does take some adjustment to readjust to civilian life. Hell, I'm not a veteran - I served in the peacetime Army, never was in combat - but it still took time for me to readjust. 99.99% of all people that serve readjust just fine and come back to our society.
And the fact of the matter is this: the huge majority of homicides are being committed by your everyday scumbags that never had any regard for the rights of anybody else, not Vets.

Let's not fall back into the bullshit of 40 years ago. Please.


drjim said...

Out of all the Vets I know, combat and non, NONE of them are anything like the crazed killers the media and the movies portray.
Sure, some of my friends that came back from Nam took some time to adjust, but so did the guys I know who were over in the sandbox. It's a major change in your life to go from military service back to civvie life. Just because you've served doesn't make you any more "psycho" than a civilian.

wirecutter said...

I remember a scene from The Hurt Locker where he comes home and goes to the supermarket with his wife and son. His old lady tells him to go get some cereal and the expression on his face is classic when he gets to an entire aisle of cereal. He actually has choices and is completely lost.

Craig said...

If you put in your time, peace time or not, and you served your enlistment contract period, you are a VETERAN. Hell, 75% of the soldiers I served with in Iraq probably spent less times in dangerous situations than you did during training holding down their positions in the chow hall, the Burger King, Popeyes Chicken or buying extra unneeded pouches at the PX without ever going outside the wire. Of course the administration is scared of us because we have shown we will pick up a rifle, sleep in a ditch in the rain with little or shitty food and remain focused on our mission. Not many of our leaders would have the drive or the balls to do those things. Fuck them.

Anonymous said...

Read, sometime back, of an unassuming young vet like you described. Never lauded by the media; seemed to not be a troublemaker. Former Marine, two tours in Iraq, Mexican-American, hard working family man. Arizona SWAT killed him. regards, Alemaster

wirecutter said...

Thanks, Criag. I grew up in an Army household and back then you had Vets - those that saw the elephant - and Soldiers - those that were in but never saw combat. Still can't shake those terms, not that there's no dishonor in not being shot at. I just had bad timing is all, not much going on in the late 70s.

wirecutter said...

Alemaster - Mexican American and combat Veteran were 2 strikes against him. Don't know what his 3rd strike was if there even was one.

davecydell said...

Just maybe we should consider who is at fault here:

John Demjanjuk, Army Staff Sgt. Robert Bales; one was the victim of Adolf Hitler, the other of George Bush and Barack Obama.

Uriah said...

It's funny, I've known alot of combat vets in my life, and they're just like anybody else to me. Most are dead now, but they were all older guys to begin with. I don't really know any younger vets but I wonder if there's a difference between them?