Friday, March 30, 2012

Can you say POISON?

BELCHERTOWN, Mass. (AP) — State wildlife authorities are investigating the grisly discovery of 14 dead coyotes at a Belchertown lumber yard.
Janis Sugrue, owner of Native Lumber Co., says she informed state environmental police on Monday after a neighbor riding her horse on her property, saw, and smelled, the carcasses.
Environmental police and a representative from the state Division of Fisheries and Wildlife visited the site Tuesday.
It is unclear where and how the animals died. Officials say there was no obvious evidence of gunshot wounds or trapping.
Ralph Taylor of the State Division of Fisheries and Wildlife says coyote hunting season ended on March 8 and noted that the dumping of animals is illegal.
Predator Xtreme


Looks to me like somebody's herd or flock has been fucked with by coyotes and the problem was taken care of with poison, which is a shitty method of dealing with a problem like that.
Doesn't Masschusettes have Predation Permits that allow hunters to shoot problem animals even if they're not in season? Wait - we're talking Massachusettes here...... I forgot. Sorry.
Poison might have taken care of 14 coyotes, but it also took care of any loose domesticated dogs and any other animals that fed on carcasses that were missed being picked up. Hunting is a much more humane method of dealing with predation.


Paul, Dammit! said...

I'm friggin stuck there because the only family my wife has in this country is there, since it's a haven for illegals. Poison is pretty popular for dealing with pest animals. MA put a ban on 'cruel' traps, which is defined as any trap involving death or injury. Our insane gun laws and ridiculously-restricted hunting laws make dealing with pests a headache so annoying that it's easier just to save up and hunt out of state. Small vermin get trapped in have-a-hart traps and dropped in barrels of water, which seems a lot more cruel than a figure 4 or other fast-killing trap. Coyotes are so numerous that most towns no longer have stray cat or squirrel issues, and small dogs go missing regularly. The People's Republic.

Sarthurk said...

WC, you're right! high velocity lead poisoning is best. The problem is that morons aren't capable.

Be a good boy tomorrow, and we'll understand if you don't stir up shit on the internet tomorrow!

Regards to miss Lisa as well!


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