Sunday, March 18, 2012

Coming here soon, just watch.

Cameras at petrol stations will automatically stop uninsured or untaxed vehicles from being filled with fuel, under new government plans.
Downing Street officials hope the hi-tech system will crack down on the 1.4million motorists who drive without insurance.
Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras are already fitted in thousands of petrol station forecourts.
Drivers can only fill their cars with fuel once the camera has captured and logged the vehicle’s number plate.
Currently the system is designed to deter motorists from driving off without paying for petrol.
But under the new plans, the cameras will automatically cross-refererence with the DVLA’s huge database.
When a car is flagged as being uninsured or untaxed, the system will prevent the fuel pump being used on that vehicle.
The proposals will have a huge impact - forcing drivers to insure and tax their car if they want to drive.
One in 25 drivers in the UK do not have insurance - one of the worst records in western Europe.
According to recent figures, around 160 people are killed and 23,000 injured by uninsured and untraced drivers every year.
Downing Street officials are due to meet representatives from the major fuel companies in the next few weeks to discuss the idea.
But some petrol retailers said the proposals were a “step too far” - claiming they put cashiers at risk.
Brian Madderson, from RMI Petrol, which represents independent petrol stations, said: “Staff are already getting stick from motorists for high fuel prices.
“This proposal will increase the potential for conflict. Our cashiers are not law enforcers.”

- David


Tobias said...

already here.

KurtP said...

The wife got stopped down here in TX because she forgot to get a new inspection sticker.
She also didn't have the current insurance card, so the local PD ran it through the state base- which said she was uninsured, and got a ticket for the sticker and no insurance.

I downloaded the card that night, she got a tag the next day and the ticket was dismissed.

1- What kind of provisions does the STATE have if their database is wrong

2- I bet they're going to see a HUGE increase in people filing up gas cans.

CharlieDelta said...

We'll have to prove that we have insurance, but no one will have to prove they are a citizen to vote in elections, or get their food stamps/welfare/WIC/free ride.

And God forbid that PROOF of citizenship be a requirement for holding the office of POTUS. That's no biggie...

Fuck this!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...gotta wonder how this would play out in L.A.? Keep in mind that the LAPD only arrests (and impounds the vehicles of) licensed, legal DRUNKS! If you're illegal, unlicensed and uninsured, you're good-to-go!

MammaJude said...

I agree with CharlieDelta

Uriah said...

Sadly, this will be common place almost everywhere in the next few years. At least in my parts, they still have alot of the old style pumps that don't take cards, but I'm sure that'll change too.